The Giving Family Festival

The Giving Family Festival

This September, The Giving Family Festival is back! An initiative of TOUCH Community Services, the carnival celebrates the spirit of giving back as One Community.

At the Festival, you can play together with your loved ones and develop intergenerational bonds – all while giving back to society!

Join the family of givers and impact the lives of 31,000 TOUCH clients. Gather your family and friends, and make a difference today!

Together we are One Community. Be part of The Giving Family!

Who are the beneficiaries of
The Giving Family Festival?


    Impact our next generation of youths – inculcate in them values and skills to be leaders in our community.

    As Singapore continues to progress, it is critical that efforts be made to develop a responsible and caring youth citizenry, ensuring that our young are not compromised by the risks that can get in the way of them achieving their potential. TOUCH aims to inculcate values and skills through counselling, service-learning and facilitation to develop at-risk youths into active contributors and leaders in the community.


    Be part of The Giving Family. Strengthen our core – build strong and resilient families.

    At TOUCH, we firmly believe that the family is the core foundation of a society. Yet we recognise that there are many vulnerable and disadvantaged families who face difficulties getting out of the cycle of poverty and crime. We seek to serve low-income and single-parent families by establishing and providing family-based services and programmes, that will build strong and fulfilling families and promote the well-being of caregivers and families in need.


    Enable individuals with special needs to live independently.

    People with special needs face significant challenges in activities of daily living and in relating with others. Without support, they are often isolated from community and denied opportunities to integrate into society. TOUCH believes that every individual with special needs can be empowered to live independently. Our programmes help clients gain independent living skills and equip them with practical job skills to enhance their employability and quality of life.


    Bring meaning to their golden years. Empower the elderly to age with grace and dignity.

    As Singapore’s population continues to age, TOUCH recognises the importance of empowering the elderly to age gracefully and enjoy their golden years with purpose and dignity. Over the years, we have developed innovative programmes to bring holistic care to the doorsteps of vulnerable seniors. TOUCH is committed to helping disadvantaged seniors age in place, and will continue to invest in people and infrastructure developments in the coming years to expand our service footprint and maintain a high standard of service delivery.

About Us

TOUCH Community Services is a not-for-profit charitable organisation, dedicated to meeting the needs of children from low-income and single-parent families, youth-at-risk, needy families, people with special and healthcare needs, and the frail elderly. Through its integrated network or services, TOUCH is committed to serving people of all ages, races and backgrounds. Each year, its programmes and services meet the needs of more than 31,000 clients and 152,000 service users.